Just another sad webpage, offering free resources to the wider community. Consider this an informal source of notes, problems, solutions and everything else in between to help students advance their studies, as well as a public medium through which I can share my various ideas.


Olympiads and Solutions

I have written the following guide which addresses fundamental concepts for problems in mathematical olympiads and other competitions. It is intended to be fairly elementary.
  • Basic ideas for tackling problems in mathematical olympiads

  • Due to the scarcity of freely available solutions for BMO2 papers, below are my unofficial solutions to problems in selected papers; and there is also a short, and somewhat rushed, handout I wrote on Euclidean geometry.
  • UKMT BMO2 Unofficial Solutions
  • Some Euclidean geometry for mathematical olympiads
  • Undergraduate Mathematics

    Notes I have written up for topics in undergraduate mathematics. These are currently in progress and will be updated soon!
  • Functional Analysis

  • I have also uploaded handwritten revision notes for certain undergraduate modules, which can be found here.

    A-Levels / Pre-University

    Please click here to access some notes I have written on various topics in physics and chemistry.

    Other (less relevant) Stuff

    Articles and Ideas

    Some additional, perhaps pointless, but nevertheless interesting ideas to explore.
  • The Cauchy - Schwarz Inequality
  • Square free integers with the Basel problem
  • The locus of the focus of a rolling parabola
  • Music

    Click here if you have any interest in music.

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